IV sedation can help you get the care you need

  • Experience a soothing dental visit
  • Feel better about dentistry
  • Have no memory of the treatment
  • Monitored by our team
  • Get several treatments at once.
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A Young Beautiful Female Dentist Examining Teeth Of A Female Patient

Overcome Your Dental Fears With IV Sedation In Vancouver

Do you have a debilitating fear of the dentist? It could be something about the smells, the sounds, and the lights. Or one awful childhood experience still sticks in your mind. Whatever the case, Dr. Dhillon and our dental team can make your next visit more calming with IV sedation in Vancouver.

How IV Sedation Improves your dental experience

We won’t go into all of the details, but… IV sedation is a sedative that is administered into the bloodstream. And because of that, it takes effect very quickly. Your Vancouver dentist can modify your state of consciousness and continue providing the sedative for the duration of the treatment(s).