Get a sports mouthguard you can count on

  • Avoid losing any teeth
  • Reduce your risk of concussion
  • It fits snugly and is comfortable
  • Custom-made to your smile
  • Prevent costly damage.
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A Man Wearing A Sports Mouthguard In His Mouth

A Sports Mouthguard Can Save Your Smile In Vancouver, BC

Every year, sporting activities are to blame for millions of lost teeth. And it can all be prevented with a professionally made sports mouthguard. According to one study, one out of four people experience an oral injury at some point in time.

A few statistics about Sports Injuries

  • 13-39% of all dental injuries are sports-related
  • Two-thirds of football players wear mouthguards
  • 7% of soccer players wear mouthguards.

Anyone who plans on engaging in sporting activities that involve physical contact (or the risk of contact) should wear a mouthguard made by their dentist in Vancouver. Athletes face a 60% higher risk of tooth damage without protection. It’s also been estimated that properly fitted mouthguards prevent thousands of injuries each year.